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Connecting your Heart and Mind from Beyond the Bedside

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Providing a BMS (Body, Mind, Spirit) approach to your health and wellness

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Business Energy Clearing


Conducted in person or online

Conducted online

Home Energy Clearing

Conducted in Person or online

Distance Reiki

1:1 Distance Reiki healing session. Conducted online.

Can I trust you?

Why should I trust you?


How are you going to help me?


How Can I work with you?

Ways I can share my gifts with you


Behavioural Scientist




Reiki Master

If you have happened upon my website - you have just won the healthcare human lotto.


I am trained in all areas, so I can help your human self live, as Marie Kondo would put it, 'a mess free life'. What area are you experiencing challenge? - Nothing is off limits, What I deal with is your human self. The whole person - your human self.


I have ALL areas of your human existence covered. Sent from the bedside to beyond. I have worked in the messiest of environments and murkiest of waters, having helped people navigate through challenges like a pro. Waters I too have had to navigate myself - I would not have been able to If I too had not experienced what others had. I can show you how to easily navigate challenges with ease and flow. So you can live your best life, the life you were sent here to live!

Let me be your guide, your light house, your bridge between worlds. So I can help you find peace and healing much quicker.

Are You Ready for a Radical Awakening?

Let Me Be The Lighthouse To Your True Soul's Blueprint.
Where deeper health, healing, wealth, relationships and everything InBetween awakens

What makes me Qualified to help you?

I love a why you question! Honestly, Ive been a Nurse for nearly 15 years and burnout led me to leaving my bedside post. In 2018 I retrained as Behavioural Scientist thinking I was going to become a Health Economist. I LOVE to research, alas I wasn't 100% sold on that route. 


So I decided to trail my own path and become a Health and Wellness coach focusing on Mind Body, Spirit health so I could incorporate my Reiki master practitioner therapies. I have a particular interest in Lifestyle Medicine and becoming a conscious creator of our health and wellbeing. Becoming a Health and Wellness coach means so much, I get to combine all of my knowledge and provide you with a transformation beyond your wildest dreams!


A transformation that will change the way you live, the way you love and the way your relationships show up. But what gets my gears grinding and makes my inner child happy is seeing the transformation of the relationship you have with yourself. Seeing your inner light switch on is pure gold for me. Let me be your guide, help you take a mindful medicine approach from beyond the bedside.

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What is your Knowledge base?

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Oooo, the meaty part! 


I have developed a Mind- Body - Spirit knowledge base in recent years. Having researched extensively through my years as a Nurse for nearly 15 years, retraining as a Behavioural scientist in 2018 after experiencing Burnout. I am also a Reiki Master. I have a deep passion for understanding human consciousness, the sub-conscious mind and its affects on our health, wealth and everything InBetween'. I have written a number of books explaining the role of intergenerational trauma patterns, attachment theory, Internal family systems (IFS) and the use of somatic body work for healing both the mind and the body so we can tap into our own innate wisdom where DEEPER healing comes from within.


Everything I suggest I have tried and tested for myself. I teach, share and coach the way I was taught. Fully available and with two feet in, ready to learn and take action towards my goals. I would never suggest anything that I haven’t clinically or personally seen works. With both lived and worked experience with Anxiety, postnatal depression and anxiety, poor coping mechanisms and addictions, burnout, unhealthy relationships with others and myself (Inner critic anyone?!) perfectionism. How many other ticks should i put in there?


As much as I respect the wonders of the medical model, it helped me in many areas. I was a complex case and the band aid was only touching and protecting the surface. I wanted more, I wanted to go deeper and pull out the rotten roots, peel back the onion layer air out the muck that was keeping me stuck and start again. That required a radical self responsible deeper holistic approach. 


This is where Somatic body work became the CRUCIAL missing piece of the puzzle. Reiki, Bowen therapy, EMDR, Meditation, Somatic healing, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, breathwork and MANY other healing modalities combined helped me to feel whole and well again.


I want this for you too! We were put on this earth to THRIVE not live in a permanent state of survival burnout mode. It is unhealthy for us all and occurs in many aspects of our lives. I will warn you, I am a Neuroscience and Body science NERD, is it any wonder I ended up in healthcare? Funnily enough actually I am a full on Ambivert with a VERY quirky sense of humor - Have you ever seen the clown doctors? See stage left. I am definitely not a robot. Bring your slay game (My 11-year-olds new favourite word - send help!..


Let me help you, let me be your guide!

Kristy has this unique ability to hold space and let me drop my walls. I've never felt judged, or anything. You can see her training has served her well. She definitely helped me to see my inner light. I'm doing things I once thought I couldn't or wouldn't do. More than I could ever have believed possible and with far less anxiety!

Actionable easy to use tools and resources


As I say on my sister site Project InBetween. Lets create a Buddha bowl for your mind, body and soul. I will help you develop a YOUnique toolkit that is yours alone.


These tools and resources will be your go to self-care practices as you navigate into the new authentic version of you. They will assist you to shed the layers of your onion or old snake skin that once held you captive. This tool kit will help build a solid foundation from the grounded roots up. Like planting a new tree in fertile soil. This tool kit will be your daily nurturing watering system.

I want to see you WIN

The joy of being a healthcare professional and the thing I love the most is seeing the transformation I have helped play a part of. We were not put on this earth to suffer long term. We were put here to experience the full range of amazing experiences. Living in chronic states of fight or flight, stress, anxiety and fear is not a way to live.

I want to see you win! Your transformation is cup filling goodness for me. As I see you win, it feels like a win for me too. I want to see you enjoying and experiencing the beauty that is life on earth school. Change and transformation can feel all kinds of sticky and icky. But it doesn’t have to be.

Your Hand Holder

I have held people's hands in some of their most devastating periods of time. Sharing stories and talking about our lives big T, little t moments are transformational and healing. As your coach and therapist I’m here to be your guide and chief hand holder. To support you and show you the possibilities not the probabilities. 

I'm empathic and nurturing with a side of tough love. Much like a pro athletes coach. They will guide and provide all the yes you can’s. But they will also offer tough love when needed. So if you are looking for a fluffy bunny style coach. I may not be your person.

Referral System

As a Nurse I am a natural relationship builder and connector. I have an extensive network of health professionals I can refer you to that only I would personally consult with.


As such when I refer you to someone, you will be getting the best care and well vetted connection. You won't be going in blindly wondering if you can trust the next person.


I have access to a wide variety of contacts and other referral systems to those who may better serve you if I am unable to. This especially includes those who do the body work I suggest among other professionals I feel will serve your highest good. Most of these people I have personally worked with and or had treatments myself from them.

"Kristy has this vibe about her I can't describe. She instantly made me feel like I was with another kindred spirit. She does have a wealth of health knowledge. But she has this way of explaining health and wellness in a way I have never been able to understand. She has a gift for sure."

Your energy is scattered. Once you learn how to focus and direct it, you are capable of creating miracles. And if the power of one man's mind is that powerful, think of the power of group mind once it is harnessed. The power of the focusing of many people's minds is not only multiplied, it is squared - Dolores Cannon


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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